Parkinson Winders

Ensure maximum productivity of specialty and high-capacity continuous web production lines with robust winding and web handling solutions. Since the late 1800s, Parkinson Winders have performed in the most demanding production environments in the plastics, nonwovens, paper and specialty materials industries with a full range of technologies, features and automation.

Center Turret Winders

High-Production Multiple Position Turret


Center Turret Winders offer an efficient method for producing consistent high quality rolls in small to medium sized finished roll diameters. A flat, uniform roll start prevents web damage near the core and a rapid turret index plus short cut-over cycle minimizes scrap material at the end of a roll. Precise tension control results in excellent edge profile and roll construction throughout the roll buildup. The lay-on roll can act as either a contact roll to minimize air entrapment or in a minimum gap configuration to accurately guide the web prior to winding.


Standard Features

  • Fully automated and continuous winding operation without reducing line speed
  • Engineered for 24/7/365 operation
  • Closed-loop tension control system for optimum control of product roll formation
  • Plunge cut system available for reliable cut-overs


Available Options

  • Shaft, core and finished roll handling systems; from simple manual to complex automatic systems
  • In-line slitting and web separation
  • Differential winding for multiple in-line slits
  • Driven lay-on roller for low tension applications
  • Roll pusher system
  • Tapeless transfer
  • Razor or rotary shear cross-cut systems
  • Web guiding and oscillation
  • Static elimination

Manual Turret Winder
  • Open-loop or closed-loop
  • In-line slitting capability
  • Accommodates multiple core sizes
  • Upstream web accumulators available for safe manual roll starts
  • Shafted or Shaftless
Automatic Cutover Turret Winder
  • Extensible and nonextensible materials
  • Flat, uniform roll starts
  • Short cut-over cycle minimizes scrap
  • In-line slitting capability
  • Shafted or Shaftless
Automatic Winder for Heavy Sheet
  • Heavy gauge sheet or composite materials
  • Operates at line speed, ensuring uniform quality rolls
  • Servo-driven razor or rotary sheer cross cut
  • Automatic and continuous operation
  • Uniform roll starts and reliable transfer
  • In-line slitting of multiple lanes
Cantilevered Turret Winder
  • Narrow web applications
  • Eliminates shaft handling
  • Easy loading and unloading of cores/rolls
    • Web Widths
    • 20-197” (0.5-5.0 m)
    • Maximum Operating Speed
    • Up to 2,000 fpm (610 mpm)