Battery separator film is gaining popularity on the market as new advanced battery powered technologies, such as the Electric Vehicle, are being manufactured at a higher rate than ever before. This microporous polymer film forms a barrier between the anode and the cathode of the battery, preventing the electrodes from an uncontrollable reaction occurring between them, while still permitting the exchange of ions from one electrode to another during charging and discharging phases. This is why battery separator film is such a crucial component to maintaining the safety, strength, and stability of lithium-ion battery powered products, which are becoming more common as sustainable transportation is becoming more favored every day.

Our Marshall and Williams biax orientation machinery line at Parkinson involves stretching the provided plastic material in both the machine direction orientation and transverse direction orientation to ensure maximum durability of the final film. When it comes to battery separator film production, this high durability is not only an additional feature but rather it is also a necessary priority to guarantee battery safety.

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