Roll Editor

Doctoring Machine


The Dusenbery roll editor is a versatile machine designed to provide a means of salvaging product by facilitating the removal of material and/or winding defects wound in a roll. Two fully cantilevered mandrels are provided to ease the loading and unloading of rolls.

A splice table at a convenient operating height is provided between the unwind and rewind to allow the operator to easily remove defective material. Web clamps and a grooved support table ensure accurate splices.

Web tension is regulated through load sensing idler rolls acting through a PLC-based automatic tension control system.

Accurate, high-speed winding of all materials in the forward direction will be assured by a top riding roller. When enabled, this roller remains in constant contact with the rewound roll to prevent air from being trapped between the layers. It can also be effective when rewinding webs that are prone to wrinkling when conveyed over long spans.