Paper conversion is an essential process which assists in transforming large rolls or sheets of paper into a wide range of finished products. This paper conversion is required for the manufacturing of nearly all paper based products, such as magazines, books, newspapers, labels, bags, and general purpose paper products. Some notable benefits of this paper conversion process include product diversification, customization, and overall value addition. Paper converting can also support environmental sustainability efforts as the paper industry has made significant advances in utilizing bio-based materials, recycled fibers, and sustainable production practices. The act of efficient converting alone serves to minimize energy consumption and waste generation when compared to other processes of paper production.

At Parkinson Technologies, our Dusenbery converting technology of slitter rewinders permits the efficient and safe conversion of master rolls of paper into smaller finished rolls to meet specific application requirements. These slitter rewinders are able to efficiently slit widths from 2 inches (50.8 mm) to full width with an extremely tight tolerance, fully eliminating slit width error. Our converting technology reliably delivers the highest quality of uniform paper at an accelerated rate for maximum efficiency.   

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