The reason customized plastic materials are able to be created is because the base polymer is combined with additives, fillers, and reinforcements to make the unique plastic compound necessary to fit your specific application. This process of polymer compounding enables manufacturers to achieve specific properties such as enhanced strength, flame resistance, conductivity, UV stability, and improved processability. In the final stages, the melted polymer compound can be pelletized into beads for the uses of injection molding, extrusion, and other manufacturing processes. This compounding permits market specific plastic products to be made in the automotive, construction, medical device, and consumer product industries.

At Parkinson Technologies, our Key Filters brand of continuous belt screen changer helps ensure the quality and purity of the compounded polymer materials through removal of contaminants, improved product consistency, and flexibility to accommodate a wide range of polymer types and formulations. In implementing this specific type of melt filtration system, manufacturers are able to produce high-quality compounded polymers that meet desired specifications and performance standards in an extremely efficient manner.

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