The Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer is a synthetic material that adds value to most device designs through its chemically compatible barrier to microbes which allows for easy air flow without damage or contamination to the final product. It is also known generically as Teflon™, and is most widely recognized for its use in creating a waterproof and breathable fabric for sportswear. These membranes are also utilized in the chemical processing and manufacturing, industrial filtration, medical filtration, and wire and cable manufacturing industries.

Because it is a flexible and valuable plastic that can remain stable at high temperatures and when exposed to a large variety of chemicals, this microporous membrane produced through our Marshall and Williams biaxial orientation machinery line would be the ideal plastic wrapping for numerous products across the industries previously mentioned. After its initial production through our biax orientation technology, this PTFE membrane can be converted into a continuous roll through our Parkinson Winders brand of winder. In this winding system, a proper tension control assists in producing high quality PTFE membranes with consistent properties across the entire plastic roll.

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