Marshall and Williams Plastics

Achieve performance advantages by down-gauging plastic film and sheet while retaining or enhancing physical properties. Founded in 1920, Marshall and Williams developed the industry's first plastics orientation system. Today our MDO, TDO and BIAX systems are installed worldwide to produce PS, PP, PET, PLA, PETG, PTFE, PVDF and many other specialty plastics film and sheet.

Casting Machines

Flat Sheet & Film Chill Roll Systems

Marshall and Williams offers the industry’s most complete range of casting systems for sheet and film processing that incorporate large diameter casting rolls or multiple cooling roll designs in addition to innovative pinning options to meet a wide range of production and material requirements. Each system is custom engineered to provide modular flexibility, precise controls and drive coordination with unique gap control options. Marshall and Williams Plastics is a recognized global leader of plastic sheet and film processing equipment and continues to push innovative designs for technology advancement.


Standard Capabilities

  • Vertical, horizontal, J-stack and inclined roll configurations
  • Precise gap control using gap adjusters
  • Tilt stack roll configurations that operate from 0 - 90º
  • Independent roll drives for precision control
  • Simple and comprehensive operator’s control interface
  • Roll designs and surface treatments optimized to eliminate sheet defects
  • Independent roll temperature control


Available Options

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic roll actuation
  • Auxiliary cooling rolls
  • Automated roll gap adjustment using servo hydraulic or electrical actuator
  • Independent or combined drives and temperature control
  • Direct drive, chain drive, or gear driven rolls
  • Specialty inline coatings
  • Can be integrated with downstream winders, thermoformers, or sheeters

    • Roll Loads
    • Up to 2000 pli
    • Output
    • Up to 5 tons /hour
    • Line Speed
    • up to 650 ft./ minute (200 mpm)
    • Roll Face
    • Up to 120 inches (3 m)
    • Roll Diameters
    • Up to 60” (1500 mm)