Nonwoven fabrics contain no interwoven strands but do have an organized internal structure, lending themselves well to more loosely chemically bonded products such as dryer sheets, coffee filters, and hygiene products. They exhibit excellent absorbency and filtration, as they can be engineered to absorb liquids quickly and efficiently. The conversion of these fabrics from their raw materials to their actualized state is necessary before products with these properties can be made.

The Parkinson Technologies Dusenbery line of slitter rewinders function as a facilitator to forming and slitting these nonwoven materials. They assist in converting materials that span all the way from light extensible fabrics to heavier nonwovens. The Parkinson Winders brand of web winding technology enables webs of nonwoven material to be wound onto rolls or spools for easier handling, transport, and conversion into various end products. These nonwoven rolls are used in industries ranging from construction and industrial to health care and home furnishing, and our nonwoven materials can be utilized to make finished products across any one of these various areas of manufacturing.

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