SK Series

Single Knife Cutter


The SK1 is a hydraulically driven linear feed single knife cutter that can cut most rolled products with ease, including textiles, nonwovens, plastics, rubber, pressure sensitive tape, film and more. Complete sequence programming makes for smooth operation- no lost time, no mistakes and no missed steps.

With the SK1 you’re in control of entry speed, cut speed, knife speed, material speed, and direction. The machine’s knife positioning system, controlled through the PLC, holds a standard tolerance of +/-.005 inches allowing jobs to be completed accurately the first time through. The counter/totalizer package accommodates up to ten different slit widths with a cycle shutdown when the quantities are reached. Up to 1000 password protected recipes can be programmed to make start up fast and easy.

    • Max. untrimmed web widths
    • 120” (3,048 mm)
    • Max. core length
    • 120” (3,048 mm)
    • Max. roll diameter
    • 22” (558 mm)
    • Max. roll weight (3" core)
    • 300 Ibs (136 kg)
    • Available knife diameters
    • 20” - 26” (508 - 660 mm)