Food packaging is crucial to preserving the safety, shelf life, and overall quality of food products, especially perishable items that degrade over time. It also enables easy handling, storage, and transportation of food items, ensuring their availability and accessibility to all. The food packaging market is a large portion of the plastics industry that acts as a stimulant to the sustainability movement, as sustainable packaging initiatives contribute to waste reduction, resource conservation, and overall sustainability of the food packaging industry.

Food packaging is one of the most prominent markets served at Parkinson Technologies, as the industry requires a consistent supply of durable plastic packaging to ensure a high-quality final product. This packaging can be developed through the use of each line of our machinery, whether it be fulfilling filtration needs, producing film through mono or biax orientation operations, slitting and winding the packaging material in uniform slit widths, or just confirming that the plastic material is the correct consistency to properly protect the packaged food from any damage or contamination.

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