C Series

Center Slitter Rewinder


Center driven slitter rewinders are used extensively in the flexible packaging, label, and plastic film industries and are easily the most popular type of slitting machine sold in the industry. Winding is accomplished by transmitting torque, via the winding shaft, through the center of the wound package and very often winding is assisted by a lay-on roller to create the desired finished roll structure. Differential winding shafts are typically used, which account for subtle variations in material thickness across the web to wind each individual roll uniformly. Available in simplex and duplex slitter configurations.

DC1 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder

Designed for narrow web applications the DC1 evolved from the original model 633.

DC2 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder

Based on the model 635, possibly the most popular slitter rewinder ever created, the new DC2 expands on that popularity by continuing to offer an economical solution with increased performance.

DC3 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder

Expanding on the successful model 700, the DC3 continues to offer a slitter with integral unwind for space saving functionality.

DC4 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder

The DC4 was inspired from the very popular model 835 center slitter rewinder. This new incarnation offers a new look and design with superior performance. This technologically advanced machine offers attributes that the market finds appealing including faster speed, higher capacity, enhanced ergonomics and easier thread-up.

DC5 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder

Elaborating on the robust qualities of the model 1035, the DC5 is equipped with a retracting center to support larger rewind diameters and wider web widths.

    • Maximum Web Width
    • Maximum Rewind Diameter
    • Maximum Speed
    • DC1
    • 40 inches (1016 mm)
    • 24 inches (610 mm)
    • 1500 fpm (460 mpm)
    • DC2
    • 72 inches (1828mm)
    • 25 inches (635 mm)
    • 2000 fpm (610 mpm)
    • DC3
    • 62 inches (1575 mm)
    • 30 inches (762 mm)
    • 1500 fpm (460 mpm)
    • DC4
    • 72 inches (1828mm)
    • 40 inches (1016 mm)
    • 2625 fpm (800 mpm)
    • DC5
    • 90 inches (2286 mm)
    • 32 inches (813 mm)
    • 2000 fpm (610 mpm)
Shafted Unwind Stand

Dusenbery shafted, frame mounted are offered in two configurations, standard or floor pickup in 40", 50" or 60" max. roll diameters, max. web width of 75" and max. roll weight of 2,500 Ibs.

Pivoting Arm Unwind Stand

Pivoting arm unwinds are shaftless floor pickup stands available in 48" and 72" max. roll diameter for larger roll weighing upwards of 8,000 Ibs. with web widths of 100".

Translating Arm Unwind Stand

Dusenbery translating arm unwinds are shaftless floor pickup stands available in 48" and 72", ideally suited for high output, high performance applications, max. web widths of 100" and max. roll weights of 10,000 Ibs

Splice Table Assembly

Neatly join two web ends together with pneumatic clamps or vacuum suction

Automatic Knife Positioning System

Available in score, shear (top or top/bottom configuration) or razor for quick and easy positioning

Laser Core Positioning System

Ensure cores align with knife positions saving time and eliminating frustration

Air Differential Shaft

Air differential shafts allow you to convert larger diameter rolls at lower tensions. These shafts produce and maintain precise individual control over multiple winding packages.

Vacuum Trim System

The unique 45º Venturi profile substantial increases air velocity and static pressure provides more efficient trim removal.

Roll Pushers

Linear actuated roll pushers enable the operator to remove the finished rewind packages without repetitive physical force.

Unload Stand

Dusenbery offers four levels of unload stands designed to transfer finished rewind packages from cantilevered rewind mandrels. US1 is a standard vertical plane unloader, US2 features independent swinging mandrels, US3 rotates manually in vertical plan (180°) then pivots to the horizontal plan, US4 same as US3 but motorized.