Parkinson Winders

Ensure maximum productivity of specialty and high-capacity continuous web production lines with robust winding and web handling solutions. Since the late 1800s, Parkinson Winders have performed in the most demanding production environments in the plastics, nonwovens, paper and specialty materials industries with a full range of technologies, features and automation.

Unwind Stands

Turret and Fixed Position

Unwind stands are available in single or two-position, which allows for the feed into various processes, such as coating, laminating, or slitting.

Turret Unwind
  • Auto Splice (at Line Speed)
  • Minimized Tail Length
  • Roll Handling
Fixed Position Unwind
  • Auto Splice
  • Center Driven or Brake
  • Surface Belt Driven
    • Widths
    • up to 142 in up to 3.6 m
    • Roll Diameters
    • up to 72 in up to 1.83 m
    • Web Speeds
    • up to 1500 ft/min up to 457 m/min
    • Core Sizes
    • 3 to 12 in 76 to 305 mm
    • Tension Range
    • 0.05 pli to 6.0 pli