Parkinson Winders

Ensure maximum productivity of specialty and high-capacity continuous web production lines with robust winding and web handling solutions. Since the late 1800s, Parkinson Winders have performed in the most demanding production environments in the plastics, nonwovens, paper and specialty materials industries with a full range of technologies, features and automation.

Center Turret Winders

High-Production Multiple Position Turret

  • Film, light paper, foil, heavy-gauge sheet
  • 2, 3 or 4 winding positions
  • Innovative in-line slitting and cut/transfer
  • Fully automatic or manual

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Unwind Stands

Turret and Fixed Position

  • Automatic, or manual splicing technologies
  • Shafted or shaft-less designs
  • Center or horizontal belt-driven
  • Precision designs for extreme tension control

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Surface Winders

Mk Series Automatic Surface Winders

  • Fully supported product rolls up to 6 meters
  • Large diameter, high-loft nonwovens
  • Small diameter, high-cycle contractor rolls
  • Full complement of in-line slitting technologies

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Fixed Position Center Winders

Small to Master Roll Diameters

  • Cantilevered design for easy roll removal
  • Automatic roll pushers available
  • Interchangeable shafts for multiple core sizes
  • Full complement of in-line slitting technologies

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