Marshall and Williams Plastics

Achieve performance advantages by down-gauging plastic film and sheet while retaining or enhancing physical properties. Founded in 1920, Marshall and Williams developed the industry's first plastics orientation system. Today our MDO, TDO and BIAX systems are installed worldwide to produce PS, PP, PET, PLA, PETG, PTFE, PVDF and many other specialty plastics film and sheet.

Transverse Direction Orienter (TDO)

Uniaxial In-Line or Off-Line Cross-Web Film Stretching

Marshall and Williams Plastics is a recognized global leader and innovator in plastics orientation and casting equipment. Founded in 1920, Marshall and Williams built tenter frame systems for the textile industry and was the first to adapt this technology to orient plastic film and sheet. Transverse direction orientation of plastic film and sheet is accomplished by heating the web and stretching it in the transverse (or cross) direction on a tenter frame. The tenter frame consists of two horizontal chain tracks, on which clip and chain assemblies ride, enclosed in an oven.

  • Typically three heated zones: pre-heat, stretch, and anneal
  • Adjustable rail widths
  • Advanced clip design for a wide range of applications
  • Designed to process a wide range of materials, widths & thicknesses
  • Used in film, sheet, netting or nonwovens
  • Commonly processed materials include PS, PP, PET, PLA, PTFE, PETG, PVDF, and others

Model 475DJ High Speed TDO/Tenter Clips

The 475DJ/Tenter Clip is designed to be used on either new TDOs or as replacements on existing machines for orientation of polypropylene, polystyrene, PET and many other specialty films.

The clips have an advanced high strength 4 3/4" (120 mm) pitch chain, and a dual jaw with a low profile. The increased holding power significantly improves the handling of wide films at high speeds.

  • Snap latch design allows the clip to remain open after releasing material
  • Improved anti-wrap device prevents film entanglement
  • Improved lubrication passages reduce oil consumption
  • Optimal performance for line speeds up to 450mpm (1,500 fpm)
    • Tenter Chain Options
    • 475DJ Clips or Pin Plates
    • Stretch Ratios
    • Up to 30:1
    • Line Speeds
    • 1500 fpm (450 mpm)
    • Heat Source Options
    • Gas, Electric, Steam, IR, Other
    • Inlet Widths
    • As low as 4” (100 mm); clip to clip
    • Exit Widths
    • Up to 33’ (10 m)