Shrink film is the protective plastic barrier commonly used for packaging and labeling of consumer goods such as food, beverages, and electronic devices. PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) is one of the main thermoplastic polyester resins utilized in the production of this shrink wrap, as it has the desirable properties of clarity, strength, flexibility, and recyclability. Its efficient material usage and lightweight properties contribute to sustainable packaging initiatives. This sustainability is accomplished through the optimized utilization of space during transport and enables recyclability, as it is a material in common with the base container.

Our Marshall and Williams brand of oriented stretching technology at Parkinson Technologies is the perfect tool for producing high quality shrink film. The Marshall and Williams brand biax orientation plastic production line permits stretching of the plastic in multiple directions while it is oriented. This technique enables the plastic to shrink uniformly and tightly around the final product when heat is applied as the film recovers its original dimensions. The contracting properties provided by this biaxial orientation technology, combined with the tough and versatile PETG material, results in an excellent shrink wrap immediately available for market use.

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