Biaxial Orientation (BIAX) Production Lines

Biaxially Oriented Film Stretching Line

Marshall and Williams Plastics is a recognized global leader and innovator in film stretching lines for biaxially oriented and other plastics production lines. Films include PS, PP, PET, PLA, PTFE, PETG, PVDF, and many other special films that require or are enhanced by the biax process. Founded in 1920, M&W has been offering customers a single source supply by providing complete biaxial orientation system integration.

System Offerings

  • Integrated solutions, incorporating everything from resin feeding and extrusion to winding and slitting
  • Sequential biaxial orientation lines
  • Flexible designs, including full customization, to meet your unique requirements
  • Broad range of widths and outputs
  • Project engineering/ Project management
  • Installation supervision and startup assistance
  • Training
  • Integrated system controls
    • Stretch Ratio
    • Up to 20:1 MDO Up to 30:1 TDO
    • Line Speed
    • up to 1500 fpm
    • Production Rates
    • up to 5 tons/hr