Key Filters

Increase end-product quality and consistency, reduce scrap and achieve operating cost savings, especially when processing high recycled content polymers. For over 30 years, Key Filters melt filtration systems have provided worry-free contamination protection for compounding, pipe and profile, plastic film and sheet and specialty extrusion applications.

KCH Continuous Belt Screen Changer

Advanced Melt Filtration Technology

In plastics extrusion, having the right screen changer for your material’s filtration requirements can make the difference between profit and loss. Parkinson Technologies’ line of Key Filters…

MSC Manual Screen Changer

Slide Plate Melt Filtration Technology

The MSC Manual Slide Plate Screen Changer offers an economical, efficient way for plastics processors to filter contaminants from polymer flows. The MSC can be used to filter almost any type of thermoplastic…

CSC Compact Screen Changer

Economical Melt Filtration Technology

The CSC offers an economical, efficient way for processors to filter contaminates from polymer melt flows and is used to filter almost any thermoplastic material. Utilizing proven pressure activated…

Filter Screen

Reverse Dutch Twill Weave Filter Belts

Key Filters is a supplier of the Reverse Dutch Twill Weave filter belts used in ribbon style continuous screen changers. A large inventory of standard meshes and sizes are stocked for immediate delivery.…