MSC Manual Screen Changer

Slide Plate Melt Filtration Technology

The MSC Manual Slide Plate Screen Changer offers an economical, efficient way for plastics processors to filter contaminants from polymer flows. The MSC can be used to filter almost any type of thermoplastic material. Utilizing pressure activated seal technology, the MSC remains leak free under extrusion pressure yet is easily shifted when the pressure is removed. The MSC is shipped fully assembled requiring minimal downtime to install.

The MSC Screen Changer is ideally suited in applications where process shutdowns occur and there is no loss of production directly related to the screen change itself. It has significant advantages over stationary screen pack breaker plates that can only be changed by machine disassembly.

The MSC Screen Changer has applications in:

  • Blown Film
  • Pipe/Profile
  • Compounding
  • Coextruded Sheet/Film
  • Wire and Cable
  • Sheet and Cast Film
  • Time proven, pressure activated seal system minimizes operator attention
  • Teflon protected by protective metal liner
  • Single zone temperature control
  • Breaker plate designed for minimum pressure drop and minimum polymer hang-up
  • Option co-extrusion breaker plate for positive screen retention
  • Leak-free up to 10,000 PSI pressure rating
  • Sizes 1 inch - 4.5 inches
  • Optional gear actuation