S Series

Surface Slitter Rewinder


In surface slitter winding, the torque necessary to wind the material is imparted to the outside of the winding roll as it is in contact with a driven roller or set of rollers. As nip loading is essential to this winding method, it should not be used for materials that are sensitive to being nipped. Surface slitting machines are ideal for materials such as paper, nonwovens, textiles, and specialty composites that can be wound to large diameters using this type of machine.

DS2 High Speed Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder

The DS2 offers the ability to slit large paper and nonwoven materials. Expanding on the original model 909, the DS2 is engineered to slit large rolls at higher speeds.

    • Maximum Web Width
    • Maximum Rewind Diameter
    • Maximum Speed
    • DS2
    • 160 inches (4064 mm)
    • 60 inches (1515 mm)
    • 2500 fpm (765 mpm)
Shafted Unwind Stand

Dusenbery shafted, frame mounted are offered in two configurations, standard or floor pickup in 40", 50" or 60" max. roll diameters, max. web width of 75" and max. roll weight of 2,500 Ibs.

Pivoting Arm Unwind Stand

Pivoting arm unwinds are shaftless floor pickup stands available in 48" and 72" max. roll diameter for larger roll weighing upwards of 8,000 Ibs. with web widths of 100".

Translating Arm Unwind Stand

Dusenbery translating arm unwinds are shaftless floor pickup stands available in 48" and 72", ideally suited for high output, high performance applications, max. web widths of 100" and max. roll weights of 10,000 Ibs

Splice Table Assembly

Neatly join two web ends together with pneumatic clamps or vacuum suction

Automatic Knife Positioning System

Available in score, shear (top or top/bottom configuration) or razor for quick and easy positioning

Vacuum Trim System

The unique 45º Venturi profile substantial increases air velocity and static pressure provides more efficient trim removal.

Roll Unload Table

Following a run cycle, the doffing assembly will eject the finished rolls from the winding position onto the hydraulically powered tilting unload table. Under operator control, the table will tilt, lowering the finished rolls.

Shaft Extractor

Shaft extractor provides a means to remove shafts from finished packages.