February 20 2019

Parkinson Technologies’ Dusenbery® brand to Showcase Latest MasterSlit® DC2 Slitter Rewinder

Parkinson Technologies’ Dusenbery brand will proudly exhibit its new MasterSlit® DC2 center slitter rewinder at ICE USA 2019 in Louisville, KY. The new DC2, which was based on the original Dusenbery 635, will feature the same roll pusher and laser core alignment system used on its big brother, the DC4. Demonstrations of the new center slitter will be held every two hours during show hours.

“The DC2 was based on the original Dusenbery 635, possibly the most popular slitter rewinder ever created,” says Joe Connelly, Product Manager of Winding and Slitting. “This new slitter expands on the popularity of that classic model by continuing to offer an economical solution but with the DC2 you’re getting a much higher level of performance and available features.”

The DC2 will be paired with a reengineered SD40 unwind. This entry level unwind was redesigned with safety in mind by eliminating pinch points during operation. The SD40 also incorporates linear bearings in the edge guide system for smoother and more accurate movement, a requirement for its higher speed operation. The unwind on display will feature the optional lift-from-the-floor loading arms and a splice table.

Also featured on the DC2 is the new PH90 pneumatic knife holder with removable knife cartridge. Three quick-change knife heads accommodate shear, score, and razor blade slitting methods. This holder was engineered for light duty converting applications with incorporated, proven, and dependable technology developed for the cost-conscious end user without compromising holder performance and reliability.

“With a machine like the DC2 it’s important to stay true to what made the original model 635 so popular while offering increased performance and innovative features,” says Peter Termyn, President and CEO of Parkinson Technologies. “We will continue developing cutting-edge machinery while never losing sight of Dusenbery’s heritage.”